Facebook gives more power to Messenger app’s group admins

Facebook is facing a lot of heat for sharing data with third-party firms. But this doesn’t put a halt on developing its products further

Facebook gives more power to Messenger

Facebook is facing a lot of heat for sharing data with third-party firms. But this doesn’t put a halt on developing its products further. Facebook Messenger’s product manager Drew Moxon few hours ago announced some features for the app that gives the Group admins more power than ever. These ‘widely-requested’ Messenger features aim to make group chats more robust and seamless.

One of them is ‘Admin Privileges’ using which you get the option to approve new members before they join the group chat. Also, you get the option to remove members if required or even promote and demote them. This feature is also coming out for Facebook’s Workplace Chat.

“The great thing about admin privileges in Messenger is they work in the background; if your group chat doesn’t need that level of control, it won’t get in the way of your group messaging. You’ll have the option to decide if you’d like admin approval for approving new members, but this preference is off by default in your group chat settings,” says Moxon.

Another feature that may make it easier to join groups is the ability to share a joinable link. This means anyone from the group can create a custom link and share it with others to make them join it. In case the admin has switched off the joining approval option, members will be added automatically.
Facebook Groups has seen quite a few updates in the past few months, given that users made around 2.5 million new groups every day last year. Most recent update came last month wherein the social media firm made it easier to add More Friends and family to Messenger audio and video chats.

Messenger Lite also got the ability for video messaging earlier this month. At the time of announcing this new feature, Facebook also took the opportunity to reveal that the standalone Messenger app witnessed around 17 billion video chats last year. This is twice the number than what was seen in 2016.

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